Neuse Riverkeeper Fundraiser in Raleigh, NC 2-8-14 Neuse Riverkeeper Fundraiser in Raleigh, NC 2-8-14 Bill Leslie Singing Mountain Train Smoke as sweet as a cherry peel, Climbing up to Asheville on stairs of steel. 189311185 Bill Leslie Getting a Break from His Coat and Tie Thank you for coming today, dear friends! 189311186 Bill Leslie Checking Out a Set List Working on the Mix 189311187 Bill Leslie Talking about His Work as an Environmental Reporter "Remembering my troubling documentary on the Neuse River." 189311188 Bill Leslie Playing "River of Peace," a Musical Tribute to the Neuse River One of my favorite tunes from "I Am a River" 189311189 Bill Leslie Playing with Celtic Musician James Olin Oden Rehearsing "I Am a River" at the Pour House Music Hall 189311190 Bill Leslie & WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner Good friends who support the Neuse River 189311191 Bill Leslie and Reese Culbreth Celebrating the song I wrote for Reese when she was born. 189311192 Max Culbreth Young music lover 189311193