CD Release Party & Concert CD Release Party & Concert Big Crowd at Quail Ridge in Raleigh Most Successful Music Event Ever at Quail Ridge! 185680523 Smiling Bill "I should have been a meteorologist!" 185680510 Will Leslie Keeping the beat! 185680511 Opening Tune Some Celtic Soul! 185680512 Bill Covington Ivory Ace! 185680513 Bill Leslie on musicians Explaining how hard everyone worked on the album. 185680514 Bill Covington The Co-producer and piano arranger. 185680516 Jennifer Curtis Violin Virtuoso 185680517 Jennifer Curtis on tender phrase Strings of Emotion 185680518 Standing Room Only A bookish but musical crowd 185680519 Bill on the F whistle Playing "Black is the Color." 185680520 Will Leslie on Scotland Introducing "Dunnottar." 185680521 Nancy Green Elite Concert Cellist 185680522 Encore! "Leaving Lochboisdale" 185680524 CD Signing Sales Must Be Good! 185680525 Bills Friends Since High School 185680526 Family Cindy Leslie, Will Leslie, Bill Leslie and Bill Covington 185680527 Clan Leslie Hug Will, Cindy and Bill 185680529 Bill's Favorite Guitar M.J. Franks Legacy 185680530