Bill Leslie & Lorica - Raleigh concert 10/10/10 Bill Leslie & Lorica - Raleigh concert 10/10/10 A Sweet Passage Marty Long, Bill Leslie and Linda Metz 105932474 Sherry Solo Lorica violinist Sherry Lattin 105932475 Metz Magic Flutist Linda Metz on new tune "Smitten" 105932476 Great Man of Rhythm Lorica percussionist Stephen Levitin 105932477 Acoustic Gold Guitarist Kevin Long on "Smitten" from the new album Simple Beauty 105932478 Soulful Song Bill Leslie singing about his father on "Mountain Train" 105932479 Swannanoa Snow Sherry Lattin adds a sweet layer of snow creme 105932480 MJ Franks Legacy Guitar Bill's new dreadnought. Awesome sound 105932481 Soaring High Linda Metz up in the stratosphere on Celtic Medley 105932482 Cool Dude of Rhythm Ladies & gentlemen - a big hand for Stepphen Levitin 105932483 Tender Passage Sweet sounds of Lorica violinist Sherry Lattin 105932484