Posted by Bill Leslie on April 27, 2015 at 6:50 PM

It seems like I’ve been locked in the studio for days. Lots of wonderful things have been happening. My new album is coming together nicely. Across the Water has an Irish-theme. There is a warm yet haunting spiritual quality to this album. I hope the music will touch a deep part of your soul.

The tunes are full of harmony. Lots of strings and interesting melodies and textures underneath those melodies. Much work remains. I’ve completed arrangements for eight of the twelve tunes. A second round of studio will commence in a few weeks. The basics for guitar, piano and Celtic whistle have been completed. Violin, cello, oboe will be next. Then we will layer in some more piano, accordion contrabass and orchestra. Everything should be wrapped up and ready for replication in middle July. We are looking at a release date of early October with Ed Bonk once again handling radio promotions.

I’ve thought about a lot of different names for the album. Emerald Journey sounded nice. I also liked Irish Blessing for a new song by that name. However, I have landed on Across the Water as my favorite. During a trip to Ireland I was struck by many beautiful places just up ahead “across the water.” This album also offers me a chance to explore my family’s own Irish heritage.

I’ll be talking more about “Across the Water” in coming days and weeks.

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