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Wondrous music!
Reviewer: R.J Lannan/ New Age Reporter
Excellent!! One of the top ten albums of the year!! Bill Leslie's music is pulse pounding, sometimes earth shaking and always heart touching. His pennywhistle is a silver songbird for the senses... sweet, melodic and ever bright. Bill's wondrous blend of instruments always has a sweet melancholy flavor and it always tastes good.

Better than Windham Hill!
Reviewer: Kevin Duffus/ Looking Glass Productions
I'm quite a fan of Celtic music. When I include your CD among my Windham Hill compilations and put my CD player on random play, "I Am a River" fits in quite nicely, and your music and recording quality often exceeds the Windham Hill recordings. Congratulations on an amazingly creative endeavor!

Album blew me away!
Reviewer: Pete Havey/Mystic Soundscapes Radio
It is always great receiving your music! I have to say this album blew me away - wonderful work! We're adding Tracks 1, 2, and 6 over the course of the next several weeks, starting with Track 6 this weekend. Thanks so much for the music - your passion really comes through on this one! Take care ---

Reviewer: Barbara Thomas/Wilmington, NC
Love it! Especially "Tall Ships!" Thanks for giving the world such wonderful music

Brilliant Album!
Reviewer: Dave Kent
I'm listening to your new CD right now with headphones, and it's brilliant. Not just the songs, which are great, but the production is outstanding. And what I'm most impressed with is song placement. Just when I need something upbeat, you nail it. It's really a CD you have to flow with from beginning to end. I'm sitting here doing my work, and then fading into thought about life. Your vocals are terrific. You're really amazing, more now than ever!

I Am A River is one of the best releases of 2006
Reviewer: Bill Binkelman/New Age Reporter )
This is one of the best releases of 2006 and marks the pinnacle of Leslie�s musical career so far. Even his three vocal tracks stack up admirably when compared to the instrumentals, owing to his fine voice singing self-penned lyrics which are poignant and personal. Bill Leslie and his accompanists on cello, violin and percussion blew me away on I Am A River and each playing of the CD only increased my appraisal of the music and the talent of all involved. Special kudos belong to Leslie for writing all the songs. This is a very special recording and I recommend it without reservation to those who enjoy the music of Nightnoise or other purveyors of contemporary Celtic fusion music.

lyrical, evocative, contemplative. Celtic influence. Loved it.
Reviewer: Susan Winner/Asheville, NC
This CD is lyrical, evocative, and contemplative. Beautiful. One can hear the Celtic influence. I love the three songs Bill wrote and sang. He has a rich, melodic voice. When I was listening to it, before I read the insert, I pictured traveling on the river of life with its peaceful, difficult, joyful, sorrowful, and varied places: some stunning in their beauty; some quiet and soothing; others full of peril and fear. And in his songs, an invitation to let the river take you where you need to go to receive healing.