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10/12/09 -
Bill Leslie Coming Back to Louisburg College
On Friday, October 16 at 8 p.m., Bill Leslie and Lorica will perform songs from the new CD “Blue Ridge Reunion” in Louisburg College’s Frances Boyette Dickson Auditorium. This release recently hit the top of the World Music charts, as have his previous three efforts. Praised by famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma as one of the greats in modern Celtic music, Bill Leslie delivers a peaceful yet powerful collection of songs inspired by his father’s majestic mountain watercolors. Instrumentation includes piano, acoustic guitar, Celtic whistle, percussion and violin.

There will also be a special art show on display throughout the evening in the travelling exhibits gallery featuring the original watercolors of Bill’s father, William Leslie, Jr. “Blue Ridge Reunion” opens a window to the soul of western North Carolina. Leslie reveals for the first time his father’s majestic mountain watercolors and his poignant quest for a spiritual reunion with his dad. These original works on display comprise about half of the over fifty original watercolor images printed in the accompanying book “Blue Ridge Reunion.”

The art show will be on display from Friday, October 16 until Wednesday, November 25. Gallery hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Admission to the gallery is free and self-guided. For additional questions about the art show, please call Professor Will Hinton at 919.497.3238.

Tickets to the concert are available by calling the Louisburg College Box Office at (919) 497-3300 (local) or toll-free at 1–866-773-6354. Tickets may also be purchased at the door on the day of show. The Box Office is open Monday through Friday, from 1-5 p.m. in the main lobby of the Louisburg College’s Frances Boyette Dickson Auditorium, as well as one and a half hours before show time. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and seats are not reserved. Tickets may also be purchased on-line at http://www.louisburg.edu

4/1/09 -
Award winning author Jan Karon is featuring "Quaker Meadows" and "Bells of Bath" from Bill Leslie’s Peaceful Journey album on her web site. Check it out at: http://www.mitfordbooks.com/

11/18/08 -
Bill Leslie's music is now featured on the web site of highly acclaimed author Jan Karon. Check it out: http://www.mitfordbooks.com/

11/5/08 -
News & Observer story on Blue Ridge Reunion: http://www.newsobserver.com/105/story/1278657.html
Review by Kathy Parsons on Blue Ridge Reunion: http://homepage.mac.com/kathyparsonspiano/billleslie/Personal1236.html

10/28/08 -
WRAL Tar Heel Traveler Scott Mason's story on Blue Ridge Reunion: http://www.wral.com/lifestyles/travel/video/3756919/

10/16/08 -
Blue Ridge Reunion just hit number one on the world music charts!
The New Age Reporter also posted a review about the new CD.

Colors, Bright and Cheerful

The music on Bill Leslie's new album Blue Ridge Reunion is a greeting to the spirit. The album is a melodic companion to a book that Bill recently wrote about his father, a gifted watercolorist who chronicled his beloved Appalachia and the people that made their lives an integral part of the mountains.

William Leslie was a gifted painter who could condense a lifetime of happiness and a generation of woes in a single, vibrant snapshot of brush marked color. Bill Leslie is a talented musician who posthumously collaborates with his father to capture the story of life in the mountains, from cabins to coves, rivers to ridges, and people and places using his colorful American Celtic music. Just one listen to the recording and you will hear what William was painting.

A lonely guitar starts out the opening track, The Bluffs. Bill writes about one of my favorite places, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Although it is over 400 miles long, Bill's dad's little piece of heaven is called The Bluffs. With the sound of the pennywhistle, snappy percussion and a wailing violin Bill tells his father's tale of the winding roads, the blooming white laurel and magenta rhododendrons and the misty mountain vistas that go on for miles.

The book is brimming with paintings, photographs, stories and poems. One of my favorite poems is Climb That Mountain. It is Bill's simple song that reflects the encouragement his father gave him at every point in his life.

"Hike as high as I can go. Summit fever in my blood, A mad man in my shoes, Trudging through the briars and mud, To panoramic views."*

Bill features some great orchestral music on his recording and one of the best is called Great Eyrie. Great Eyrie is the mythical volcano of Jules Verne's novel Master of the World. It is amazing that the noted French author had to travel quite a distance to see his fabled mountain nestled in the reality of the Blue Ridge. Bill captures the height and the grandeur of the hazy slopes that burn with so much green growth, that the sun herself is envious.

I met quite a cast of characters in Bill's music; Ada Sexton, The Ramshackle man, even Bill as a mischievous child. However, unforgettable is the tune and the man, Moses Owl. Bill uses a powerful flute lead to describe the Native American and storyteller of the Cherokee. The echoes of the flute are a reminder that the diaspora of the Cherokee people is stained by the deaths of over 4000 whose bloody path is forever etched in mountain, plain, river and memory. This is one of the best of the best on Blue Ridge Reunion.

There is a trio of lonesome pines on the cover of the album. I felt sorry for them for a moment, stoic and alone, and then I realized that there is a huge mountain just behind them. Everything was there for performance. As I gaze at the vivid colors of the painting, I am listening to Wintercolors. The strings are dramatic, the horns cacophonous and then the flute joins in, subtle, soft and glistening like new fallen snow. Winter is not pale, nor lifeless, but a tableau of graying shadows and sparkling sunlight. There is always color in winter.

Blue Ridge Reunion is beautiful and chilling as Bill bids a final goodbye to his father. No words are needed to strengthen the bond that was always there, unspoken and otherwise. As I listen to this I weep with the violin, flow along with the flute and the song touches my heart deeply like few others. See, Bill, riding the road was not such a bad idea after all.

There are fourteen tracks on Blue Ridge Reunion and every one of them is a glowing tribute to Bill's dad who created his beautiful watercolors over more than three decades. Using voice, ensemble and orchestra Bill Leslie creates an album that is a must for Celtic and contemporary fans alike. If you like to learn the story behind the music, then the book is a must read. Its title is easy to remember, it is the same as this terrific album.

*Climb That Mountain-Mad Man in My Shoes is used by permission of the author

Rating: Excellent

- reviewed by RJ Lannan on 9/29/2008

9/1/08 -
Blue Ridge Reunion
The new CD "Blue Ridge Reunion is now available. 14 new and original songs by the artist whose previous 3 albums have hit the top of the world music charts. Praised by famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma as one of the greats in modern Celtic music, Bill Leslie delivers a peaceful yet powerful collection of songs inspired by his father's majestic mountain watercolors. Instrumentation includes piano, acoustic guitar, Celtic whistle, violin, cello and orchestration. 11 instrumentals and three vocals.
Here are some early reviews:

Those of us who have listened to Bill Leslie for years know that he has carved out his own unique niche in Celtic fusion/roots music. On his most recent CD, Blue Ridge Reunion, Bill provides enough of that traditional style to provide a comfortable familiarity, but he also explores new stories, new instrumentations, even new chords with wonderful results! A tribute to the singer songwriter s father, Blue Ridge Reunion resonates with hints of Classical Music (Albinoni comes to mind) and epic film style all melded with the sometimes restful, sometimes restless themes that we have come to expect from Carolina's Bard. Blue Ridge Reunion is Bill Leslie at his most haunting. --Dr. Garry Crites, Duke University.

If the artwork on Bill Leslie's Blue Ridge Reunion"CD is more striking than on ny previous CD, so is the music within. The artistry of Bill's father adorns the album, and his creativity lives on in the musical artistry of Bill. The vocal tribute "Water of Life is Bill's most powerful and distinctive song to date. It will bring a tear to the eye of anyone who wistfully misses a father, or mourns the destruction of our pristine mountains. Toss in a fun song, Mountain Train, again bringing to light Bill's dad, and it's enough to brighten heaven with a beaming father's smile. What inspiring artists arose to mountain heights right here in the Goodliest Land of North Carolina...both named William Augustus Leslie! --Bob Inkseep, Raleigh, NC

Bill Leslie certainly has a talent for composing music that takes us to a certain place and time. I don t know how he does it but it s really wonderful! In both word and song, Bill created a loving tribute to your father's art, his appreciation of the land, and the clear values he instilled in his children. I don't know that you can ever say goodbye to a parent that you so love and admire. Perhaps it's just best to say:Thank you. I promise to pass on the lessons you've taught me. Bill Leslie certainly met that benchmark with this project which includes a companion book by the same name. --Clayton Henkel, North Carolina News Network

5/21/08 -
Concert Update: June 1, 2008 - Solo performance at the Clayton Center. Ticket Information

The Clayton Center Concert will benefit the Clayton Historical Association. I hope to see you there.

5/19/08 -
We are wrapping up work on a brand new album and companion book called "Blue Ridge Reunion" which will be released this fall. We are also finishing music and production on a children's book audio project by Kathy Sturgis called "Dance of the Chameleon."

8/13/07 -
Some exciting things have been happening this summer. I have used the time to work on a new album and the songs are coming together very well. I am about half-way complete. If I really pushed I could probably wrap it up for a late 2007 release but it will probably be 2008. The album has a distinct mountain theme.

I am also working on a second and third album featuring ancient Celtic melodies and story songs. Plus, I have just started a project on a children�s story CD and will have more on that in the coming months.

Lorica practices resume soon as we get ready for our fall and winter concerts. Lorica pianist and vocalist Marty Long and I will team up for a performance at the third annual Raleigh Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Meymandi Music Hall in Raleigh on May 13. We'll be playing "The Raleigh Song" which I wrote last year.

It was a thrill to interview one of the world's great musicians on WRAL Television in early August. Yo-Yo Ma talked about his new CD and his outstanding group Silk Road. I was surprised when he said some very complimentary things about my music. What an honor to be recognized by truly one of the greats in music.

Look for some television commercials featuring my music. GNV Direct, a highly successful marketing firm from Missouri, will test market my music in Nashville, TN. If the test is successful a nationwide campaign of 50-60 markets will be launched.

Also, we have picked up two more major distributors for our music. New Leaf Distributing Company of Georgia and Earthsong Online have both agreed to carry my catalogue of albums. Here are the weblinks: http://www.newleaf-dist.com and http://www.earthsongonline.com

4/22/07 -
There is a new video of Bill Leslie and Lorica on nTune.tv. You can view the video here.

2/12/07 -
"I Am a River" has been nominated as a top five finalist for 2006 Album of the Year by international radio hosts reporting to the New Age Reporter which tracks Celtic, world, ambient and fusion music. Bill�s latest album is also a finalist for two other prestigious NAR awards this year.
Album of the Year Nominees

"Tall Ships" from Bill Leslie�s "I Am a River" CD was featured on National Public Radio�s "All Things Considered" in January as part of the network�s Open Mic series.
Listen to the NPR Segment

"I Am River" climbed to number two on the world music charts in October and November. Here are links to the charts for those two months:
October World Music Charts
November World Music Charts

"I Am a River" was named one of the top 12 world music albums of 2006 by NAR reviewer Bill Binkelman: I Am a River Review

10/15/06 -
The release of "I Am A River" is off to a great start. You can hear free samples from the CD on the Listen page. The CD is already getting some rave reviews. Also, make sure you check out the latest concert schedule on the Appearances page!

9/24/06 -
I am a River
"I Am a River" is now available for purchase! This thematic album includes 15 new and original songs inspired by Bill Leslie�s love of North Carolina rivers and waterways. The CD features "Tall Ships," the official song of the 2006 America's Sail Maritime Festival. Bill sings on three of the selections including the title track and "Reese," a lullaby Bill wrote for the daughter of WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner. "I Am a River" is being promoted worldwide by radio specialist Ed Bonk of Canada for the months of October and November. Bonk helped Bill reach number one and number two on the world music charts with his previous two releases - "Peaceful Journey" in 2004 and "Christmas in Carolina" in 2005. You can purchase the new album on the Shop page!

5/10/06 - Songs on what will be my new CD with a river theme are flowing freely at Greycliff Studios in Cary these days. More than a dozen new original tunes including three vocals will be on the new album. There will be some surprises. I am doing my first solo piano work on this project. Ed Bonk will once again handle international promotions of the CD beginning with the release on October 1. �Peaceful Journey� and �Christmas in Carolina� continue to receive heavy airplay including XM Radio and Sirius.

5/8/06 - We have recently added a bunch of new concert dates. One of the most exciting is a joint Christmas concert with NC Master Chorale at Meymandi Hall in Raleigh. This event will be televised statewide. Also, 2007 is filling up fast. We try to limit major events to one a month because of our other commitments. The new concerts are posted on the Appearances page!

2/24/06 - Radio program hosts around the world named Bill Leslie as the Best New Artist of the year in the new age music category. Leslie's latest album "Christmas in Carolina" was also voted "Best Holiday Album" of 2005 beating out a host of competitors. These two major awards were announced in New Orleans by the New Age Reporter which tracks broadcast air play of new age, Celtic and world music in all 50 states, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Leslie's "Peaceful Journey" CD soared to number one on the charts in December 2004. His Christmas album peaked at number two worldwide in December 2005. Leslie is currently working on a new CD to be released in October.

These music releases come under the label of Capitol Broadcasting Company in Raleigh where Bill works as a veteran news anchor and reporter for WRAL Television. He is also a member of a Celtic fusion group "Bill Leslie & Lorica" which performs frequently at concerts and festivals.

For a complete list of the NAR Lifestyle Award winners check out the following web page: Award Finalists

2/23/06 - I'm hard at work on a new CD with an environmental theme. I hope to have it ready for an October release date. I'm really excited about some of the new melodies. Right now there are plans for three vocals and eleven instrumentals. I am also working with Raleigh pianist and nationally acclaimed composer Jim Crew on some movie soundtrack projects and composing a song for the Raleigh Hall of Fame Committee. Practicing with Lorica will resume in a few weeks. We celebrate with violinist Sherry Buchheit who plans to marry Tom Lattin in June. Tom is a professional hot air balloonist and outstanding photographer. Lorica has a light spring schedule but has already booked several gigs for next year.

1/6/06 - "Peaceful Journey" and "Christmas in Carolina" have both been nominated for BEST ALBUM OF 2005. The CDs picked up four other nominations for the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards which will be announced February 19th in New Orleans. For a complete list of the nominees: BEST ALBUM OF 2005 Nominees

12/22/05 - WRAL-TV reporter Scott Mason did a story about "Christmas in Carolina" for the evening news. We set up a link so that you can view the story. WRAL News Video

12/20/05 - Just thought I'd share some good news. The "Christmas in Carolina" CD has debuted at number 2 on the Top 100 of the world music charts. We still have a good shot at number one this month. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!! Top 100 Chart

11/24/05 - The "Peaceful Journey" DVD has been nominated for two Emmy Awards. The nominations are for Music Composition and Entertainment Programming. The Emmy Awards for the Mid South region will be announced from Nashville, TN in January.

11/14/05 - New samples from Bill Leslie's "Christmas in Carolina" cd are available for download on the Listen page!

11/13/05 - Read the new reviews about the "Christmas in Carolina" cd. Reviews

10/31/05 - Bill Leslie's new cd "Christmas in Carolina" is now on sale online! Obviously, these make great Christmas gifts! You can order on the Shop page!

10/30/05 - We have updated Billleslie.com to reflect Bill's new "Christmas in Carolina" cd.

9/22/05 - The Peaceful Journey video DVD is now on sale online! You can order this spectacular video and music production at the Shop page!

9/14/05 - New photos of Lorica are posted on the Photographs page!

6/15/05 - John Tesh and I will share the stage with the NC Symphony in a major fundraising gala for the Eastern NC Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association on June 24th. I will be playing a few tunes with Lorica and the Symphony and then introduce John. We plan to jam some toward the end of the evening. That should be fun. Tickets to an auction, reception and the concert are available at Ticket Information and the Alzheimer's Association Gala or by calling (919) 632-3732. Tickets to the concert only are available through Ticketmaster at (919) 834-4000.

6/3/05 - UNC-TV will broadcast statewide for the first time a video version of "Peaceful Journey" at 10:00PM on both Monday and Thursday, June 6 and 9th. Greycliff Music and Capitol Broadcasting Company provided the video to help UNC-TV with its yearly fundraising drive. Songs and places featured on the video are Lake Mattamuskeet, Bath, Montreat, Quaker Meadows and Kanuga. This video will soon be available for purchase on DVD. Details coming soon.

6/2/05 - New concerts for 2005 are posted on the Appearances page!

3/14/05 - New concerts for 2005 are posted on the Appearances page!

2/2/05 - Bill Leslie.com was temporarily down yesterday because of a bandwidth issue. The site has been so popular that we have had to increase our bandwidth capacity. Thanks for your support in making this website such a success!

1/20/05 - Breaking news: "Peaceful Journey" is now number ONE on the world music charts. The album which ranked number three for November moved into the top spot in December despite fierce competition from a batch of excellent Christmas releases: Music Charts

1/19/05 - "Peaceful Journey" has been named one of the top ten CDs of 2004 by major music critic R.J. Lannan: Top Ten

1/18/05- "Peaceful Journey" recently received an excellent review on the New Age Reporter: Peaceful Journey Review

12/20/04 - Bill Leslie is the News & Observer Tarheel of the Week!
TV anchor displays musical side

12/19/04 - CD Baby Temporarily Sold Out
CD Baby has temporarily sold out of the Peaceful Journey cd. They will have a new supply of cds on Monday, December 20th. They can still be ordered in time for Christmas. You can also pick up the cd at Triangle-area Barnes & Nobles, Quail Ridge Books, Wildbirds Unlimited and the North Carolina Museums of Art, History and Natural Sciences. For those wanting signed copies to be picked up at WRAL-TV, please call (919) 821-8606 and leave a message.

12/13/04 - Bill Leslie's "Peaceful Journey" Climbing Charts
WRAL-TV story

12/12/04 - Peaceful Journey ranks third on the latest world music top 100 charts. This follows a promotional effort by Ed Bonk. Stations in all fifty states and a dozen foreign countries including Spain, the Netherlands, Romania, Japan and Australia are playing the CD. There is still a chance the CD could climb to number one for December. Here's a link to the charts:
Top 100 World Music Charts

12/3/04 - "Peaceful Journey" is now getting radio airplay in all 50 states and a nearly a dozen foreign countries. Track 14 "Wintry Walk" was ranked number one ahead of perennial favorites Enya and Loreena McKennett on the popular internet radio website "Mystic Landscapes" for the week of November 15. Several dozen stations have been adding the CD to their playlists each week with very favorable reaction. The nationally syndicated "Echoes" program has played "Roanoke Rhapsody" and plans to feature several other cuts from the album in coming weeks.

12/2/04 - North Carolina Governor Michael Easley recently said this about "Peaceful Journey:" "This is a wonderful collection of songs. I know you are very proud of this CD and you look right at home on the cover with your guitar. I appreciate all of the hard work, commitment and dedication you put in the making of this CD. Mrs. Easley enjoyed the CD as much as I."

10/08/04 - Peaceful Journey is going national! Beginning November 1st, the top radio promoter in the New Age/World and Ambient Music genre will promote "Peaceful Journey" nationwide and in Canada. The CDs that Ed Bonk promotes have consistently topped the charts for the last four years. He says: "I am very selective and I only take on projects that I think will do extremely well." While he makes no guarantees, he says "Peaceful Journey" is "top five material."

Here is what Ed said about the CD in response to questions from Wendy Lemus of the Cary News which is doing a story on "Peaceful Journey" this week:
"To answer your question as to why we took on Bill's project to promote, it is simply a hauntingly, beautiful album. Every song takes the listener on an imaginary journey; perhaps not the same one as the composer's, but one the listener can identify with. His music reaches down into your soul, bringing up emotions and feelings that touch your heart. His innovative blending of traditional Celtic elements with great instrumentation and sounds of nature are particularly wonderful. His flute playing gives such a melancholy feel to the cuts - almost like a Loon's call on a quiet lake that demands your silence to be heard. You asked if I felt this could be classified as Celtic Fusion. Probably yes, although the genre is difficult to define. Bill's CD certainly has the elements of traditional Celtic sound, but adds in mixes of New Age, Jazz and Folk for vibrant originality. It is a creative balance of old world Celtic and modern rhythms. Using nature's sounds just adds to this delightful feel. I feel this album should have a large audience appeal as Bill has created a rich, strong CD that at times is uplifting, peaceful and relaxing, but always invoking a magical journey. I hope this is helpful for your article, as Bill is a consummate composer whose music deserves to be recognized and heard by as many people as possible. A lot of music passes our desks, but only a very few stand out like Bill's. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Best regards,

9/15/04 - The photographs section is updated with new pictures from Pops in the Park.

9/1/04 - The Triangle's favorite Labor Day tradition returns to the Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park in Cary.
WRAL's Pops in the Park will be hosted once again by the Town of Cary at the beautiful Koka Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park. This free concert is set to take place on Sunday, Sept. 5 at 7 p.m, with gates opening at 5 p.m.
Bill Leslie and his Celtic group, Lorica, join the North Carolina Symphony in this year's version of the annual concert. In addition to Celtic-inspired tunes, the Symphony will perform a selection from Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, and of course, John Philip Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever. WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel hosts the event.
You can also catch the event on television.
WRAL-TV : Monday, Sept. 6 at 7 p.m.
UNC-TV: Monday, Sept. 27 at 9 p m.

7/17/04 - CD Baby.com has posted my Peaceful Journey CD on the front page of their website! www.cdbaby.com
They have also posted this great review:

Bill Leslie: Peaceful Journey
"Allow us to recommend an easy and smart action for your to-do list today: start with "Peaceful Journey" as a bright, warm addition to your Celtic/New Age collection. This all-instrumental album floats upon the hearty voice of the cello, energized by the wind-like song of the whistles and is supported by the buzzy strumming of the guitar and a fine, diverse backup. This isn't the type of new age album that wanders aimlessly and it isn't the type of Celtic album that bombards you with dulcimer and sawing fiddle. These are warm, heartfelt ballad and air-like songs with a balanced amount of sensitivity. Put away the Loreena McKennit and Enya for awhile and try a kind of Isle soft-rock."
- CD Baby

4/27/04 - I am delighted to announce the formation of a new musical group. We are currently working on a song list and will be performing in a few weeks. Some of our songs come from "Peaceful Journey" and others from previous Bragh Adair releases. We will also be adding some new original material.

The group's violinist is Sherry Buchheit of Raleigh. Sherry is a brilliant musician and teacher with extensive orchestral experience. Linda Metz is the group's flutist. Linda hails from Cary and plays with a passion you have to hear and see to believe. Marty Thomas joins the group as pianist and guitarist. Marty teaches piano at Raleigh Conservatory and is a gifted composer and singer. I'll be playing guitar, Celtic whistle and some keyboard with the group. What is the name? We're still kicking that around. We would be glad to take suggestions.

Our group will be performing with the North Carolina Symphony at Regency Park in Cary in the annual Pops in the Park Concert. The concert will be held on September 5th and will be broadcast the following evening on WRAL TV.

"Peaceful Journey" sales continue at a brisk pace. The Montreat Book Store near Black Mountain is the latest location to stock the release. Track 3 on the album is titled "Montreat" and features the soothing sounds of the waterfall at Lake Susan. The historic Oakwood Inn in Raleigh is also playing and selling the CD.

I am currently working with WUNC for a video special featuring the music of "Peaceful Journey." WUNC will be partnering with WRAL on this project.

A lot of interesting people have been listening to "Peaceful Journey." Those who have this CD in their musical collections include authors John Grisham and Kaye Gibbons. Evangelist Billy Graham also has a copy that he and his wife Ruth enjoy.

Bob Sadler and I continue to enjoy meeting the public and talking about the CD and our book "Off the Beaten Path." Our schedule includes book and CD signings at Borders in Raleigh and the Book Shoppe in Rocky Mount.

- Bill Leslie

11/24/03 - Bill Leslie "Peaceful Journey" CD release makes headlines. Click here for the story on WRAL.com.

11/21/03 - Life is rich and full these days. I can't complain. "Peaceful Journey: A Celebration of North Carolina" is getting some wonderful reviews. It is so exciting to have a new album out. The CD is being sold on wral.com, this website and various music and book stores in the area including Barnes & Noble and Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh.

I really appreciate what singer Debbie Elam said about the new CD: "Each song is unique and has it's own personality. I think that can be the hardest part of a instrumental CD." Kathy Murphy calls "Peaceful Journey" a "lovely, soulful and reflective journey across this beautiful state." Jay Jennings says "my favorites are 'Mattamuskeet' and 'Tin Roof Rain' because I love the way the natural sounds are integrated into the music. Each instrument seems perfectly placed in the spectrum of sound." Kelcey Carlson writes: "I absolutely love the new cd. From beginning to end it's an incredibly relaxing, reflective collection of music. We put it in Sunday morning while we drank our coffee and talked, it was perfect Sunday morning music. It's funny, as I was driving around later I could see a whole movie plot play out with this collection as a soundtrack. Do you have any connections in Hollywood?" Phyllis Parish wrote: "Ahhh, it really is peaceful! First of all, I love your title! It fits so well with these lovely songs, Bill. You have done it again! A wonderful, musical journey, this time through our state!"

Many people have been asking me when I am going to hold a big concert. Well, I am doing a few appearances but unlike Bragh Adair I don't have an active band. The musicians who played on "Peaceful Journey" are scattered about the country. I am working to assemble a local band and we are beginning to build a song list.

You'll be seeing me at various book and music stores in the coming days with Bob Sadler. Bob is a marvelous photographer who has put together an awesome collection of black and white photographs from across the state. Bob invited me to write narratives for his book Off the Beaten Path published by Chapel Hill Press. I am truly honored to be a part of Bob's brilliant collection. You can purchase this book at wral.com and area book stores.

- Bill Leslie